Boreal Shield woodland caribou telemetry study in northern Saskatchewan.


Woodland caribou populations across Canada have been suffering declines. Significant data gaps on the status of woodland caribou populations in northern Saskatchewan have been identified by Environment Canada and by the province of Saskatchewan.  This project, the first in the Shield region of SK, deployed 50 collars in northern Saskatchewan and is designed to collect data in a scientifically responsible and defensible manner to address some of these data gaps.


Phase 1 of the study investigated calving site selection within burned areas.  The results of this research have been published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology (Abstract).


The next steps of this study will focus on resource selection and home range analysis. Results of this study will help land managers understand the current status of a portion of the SK Shield woodland caribou population and how they use the land in the face of a high fire-low anthropogenic landscape.

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