As one of the three core areas of Omnia’s services, we provide a full range of terrestrial environmental consulting services.  Broadly, our primary service areas include wildlife and vegetation inventory, impact assessment and monitoring.  Omnia has completed projects in green and brown-field areas for urban land development, mining (e.g. coal, metals and uranium), oil and gas, infrastructure (e.g. roads/power lines/water pipelines) and government.

Our team believes in approaching wildlife/vegetation inventory and monitoring projects in a quantitative and scientific manner. This has been demonstrated by the publication of several peer reviewed scientific manuscripts and conference presentations relating to vegetation inventory, vegetation response to anthropogenic disturbance, footprint mapping and wildlife response to anthropogenic influence.

Specific examples of the types of services provided include:

  • Vegetation and rare plant surveys, inventory and assessments
  • Wetland inventory, mapping, assessment and impact reporting
  • Wildlife inventory including
  • Species-at-risk surveys and assessments
  • Wildlife and habitat inventory, characterization, assessment and monitoring
  • Project-specific assessments including:
    • Preliminary Natural Site Assessments (PNSA)
    • Biophysical Impact Assessments (BIA)
    • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
    • Detailed Environmental Impact Assessments (DEIA)
    • Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA)
  • Project specific environmental protection planning
  • GIS and satellite remote sensing mapping and analysis
  • Closure, conservation and reclamation planning and monitoring

Detailed descriptions of some of these services are highlighted to the left.  Please follow the links to read brief descriptions.

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