Archaeological, historical, traditional and heritage resources include artifacts, features, structures and landscapes attributed to human occupation and use often from a historical or heritage perspective. Other Heritage or Historical resources including palaeontological resources, which are fossilized remains or evidence of ancient animals and plants.

Arch 2In British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan permissions are required wherever a known or a high potential site area is going to be disturbed by digging or other development activities. However, across western Canadian provinces and territories there is applicable legislation that needs to be followed.

Traditional and heritage resources refer to Indigenous Peoples’ culture, oral history, occupation and land use, and specialized knowledge of the local environment as it pertains to human connection to the land. Indigenous peoples include First Nations, Metis and other communities. Traditional Resource Use (TRU), Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and land use studies and consultation or communications are often required to develop communications and input for proposed or upcoming developments.