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Greg Sanders is a terrestrial wildlife ecologist lukes cam 287and one of the three founding members of Omnia. Previously Greg worked as an associate with HAB-TECH Environmental Ltd. He has been involved in a variety of environmental programs within the oil and gas, uranium, coal, forestry and urban development industries. Greg has worked on over 20 ecological studies focused mainly in the boreal regions of Saskatchewan and Alberta and the foothills, aspen parkland and prairie regions of Alberta.

Greg has assisted in the implementation of complex monitoring and research programs in the oil and gas, mining, forestry and urban land development industries. Greg is accomplished in leading field programs, ensuring proper sampling technique, methodologies, wildlife/vegetation identification skills and data management while managing the logistics of large field crews.

Greg has over 500 days field experience completing biological surveys and is proficient in a variety of wildlife/vegetation inventory skills including: winter tracking surveys, pellet group/browse surveys, vegetation inventory, ecosite/habitat mapping, amphibian call surveys, small mammal trapping programs, avian inventory, semi-aquatic fur bearing mammal shoreline surveys, ungulate aerial surveys, GPS and VHF telemetry, ARU (audio recording units) and game camera operation and installation.

Greg enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors and can often be found hiking, camping or hunting throughout the foothills and mountains of Alberta.