Omnia becomes official distributor for Followit

As of January 15th 2015 Omnia is the exclusive North American distributor of Followit Lindesberg’s Tellus collars. Omnia will provide you with the information required to choose the right telemetry products for your project. We are also here to provide you with the training and to help familiarize you with your new equipment. This new team based approach will be beneficial as we will always be available should you require technical assistance during setup and use. Our set-up support will be tailored to suit your needs.

Technical support and service issues with regards to telemetry equipment will be handled in the main office in Sweden. Past experience shows that it’s most effective for customers to be in direct contact with our Swedish technicians and support personnel. As was the case in the past, equipment needing refurbishment and repairs should still be sent directly to the Swedish office. When you receive new equipment, detailed information regarding equipment return will be enclosed

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