There are many factors to consider when choosing GPS equipment for a wildlife research or monitoring project. Followit offers one of the greatest diversity of GPS solutions making it easier for you to select the appropriate GPS unit for your needs.

The Tellus GPS System offers a wide range of products for mammals. Common features included with all our GPS products are:

  • Ultra light remotely activated drop-off unit: The miniature release mechanism developed by Followit is built into the battery unit and adds zero collar weight. If desired and programmed, it is released by a software code sent to the collar by email (GSM/Iridium) or radio (UHF).
  • Design: Carefully designed collars (reduced size, rounded edges, integrated slim GPS antenna, etc.) to minimize impact to the study animal.
  •  Recovery beacon: The GPS unit will send a continuous double-pulse VHF beacon to facilitate recovery.
  •  Mortality indicator: The GPS unit will send a continuous VHF beacon to indicate mortality and facilitate recovery.
  • Large memory: On-board memory capacity always exceeds battery lifetime.
  • Temperature tested: All GPS collars are tested in temperatures ranging from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius (-22 to 122 Fahrenheit) before being approved and delivered for deployment.
  • Adjustable belting size: Sized to fit target animals and capable of field adjustments of +/- 10% on all round GPS collars.
  • Non-volatile memory: The data is safely stored in the GPS unit even after the battery is completely drained.
  • Lithium batteries: The only reliable choice for GPS units deployed in areas with highly variable or below freezing temperatures.
  • Custom programming: Fully programmable and customized scheduling for GPS and VHF beacons to suit specific needs.
  • Battery life calculator: A program to calculate operational life based upon selected schedule is provided to all customers.

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