Omnia provides sales and support of wildlife telemetry equipment manufactured by Followit Lindesberg AB in Sweden (formerly Televilt). These products include GPS collars (GSM, Iridium, and UHF download), as well as VHF receivers and antennas. Followit is an industry leader in the world of professional engineering/manufacturing of wildlife telemetry products.

Televilt has developed, produced, marketed and sold radio tracking equipment since 1974. They were among the first to incorporate GPS technology into their collars as a tool for wildlife research in 1995. Followit has continued with the tradition of continual improvement and incorporation of new technologies into their collars. Followit’s Tellus GPS collars have a proven track record and are suitable for a wide range of mammal species.

Omnia personnel are experienced field biologists and have the technical background to provide you with the information required to choose the right telemetry products for your project. We are also here to provide you with the training and familiarization needed for the use of your new equipment. Technical support is always available should you require assistance during setup and use. Our support is tailored to suit your needs.

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