Followit’s internet based positioning portal, Followit Geo™, allows for two-way (computer to collar) communication for GSM/GPRS and Iridium collars. This portal will allow the user to adjust collar positions schedules, adjust collar VHF beacon schedules, create virtual fencing, trigger remote drop-off, monitor battery performance and monitor animal movements. Followit’s Geo™ interface is accessible from all web enabled devices including personal computers, tablets or smart-phones.

Virtual Fencing

With an easy-to-use boundary “fence” tool, you can create one or more geographic areas anywhere on the Followit Geo map that will facilitate animal monitoring. For example, if any of your collared animals enters or exits a “fenced” area, you will receive an email or text message with information about the animal involved. Each “fenced” area can be as large or as small as desired (e.g. single den site, railroad track, or an entire national park).